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CMS Pest Management for Commercial and Industrial Sites

Poor pest management practices create significant risks to your business reputation and operation. Health inspectors and the NSW Food Authority have increased their scrutiny with harsh fines and actions taken against businesses not in compliance.

In discussion with you, CMS Pest Management identify the nature of your pest management problem and formulate a cost-effective, suitable and safe solution to treat the pests minimising the impact to your business, staff members and clients.

Whatever the scale and type of your business, CMS Pest Management have over 15 years experience dealing to esnure that cafes, restaurants, hotels, factories, hospitals and more have any pest control issue dealt with promptly, comprehensively and effectively.

Regular Pest Control Program

As every business is different, CMS Pest Management tailors individual regular pest control programs for businesses to help ensure a healthy, hygenic and pest-free working environment. We work with organisations and businesses to meet any occupational health and safety requirements, specific to your industry or workplace. CMS Pest Management are familiar with local council, government and industry compliance laws. Service registers are updated on your premises after every service to meet Council and government requirements & HACCP (Hazard and Critical Control Points) guidelines.

General Pest Service

CMS Pest Management Commercial Pest Control Service focuses on the removal and prevention of standard industrial and commercial pests including cockroaches, mice, spiders, borers, fleas, silverfish, mosquitoes, ants, rats, earwigs, weevils, moths, mites and more. Both the interior and exterior of your business premises are checked and treated to ensure a hygenic, healthy and pest-free place of business. Special attention is paid to high risk areas including kitchens, stock areas, bathrooms, wood and paper products and others depending on the type of business. Potential entry and exit points for pests and cracks and crevices are identified as likely areas for pests and treated accordingly.

CMS Pest Management use modern treatments which are effective against pests but are environmentally friendly, odourless and safe for staff, clients, plants, products, machinery and personal belongings.

Specialist Services

CMS Pest Management offer a wide range of specialiat pest control services including termite inspections and control, bird eradication and possum control and management.

Please contact us for more details on the various services available. These services can be especially tailored for your business needs.

Fully Insured

All technicians at CMS Pest Management are pest control certified and CMS Pest Management is fully covered for public liability and professional indemnity.

Book Now

For a booking or no-obligation free quote, please ring CMS Pest Management on 0413-835-528 or contact us via email.

Book Now

For a booking, no-obligation free quote or to discuss your individual pest management concerns, please ring CMS Pest Management on 0413-835-528 or contact us via email.

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Commercial Services

CMS Pest Management offer pest control services to a wide variety of commercial and industrial properties and businesses including:

  • food and beverage: restaurants, cafes, kitchens, delicatessans, pubs, bakeries, butchers;
  • accommodation: all levels of hotels, motels and guesthouses;
  • medical: hospitals, GP practices, specialists, medical centres;
  • storage: warehouses, storage facilities, car parks;
  • public service: government departments, fire stations, police stations, council buildings, parks, reserves, town halls;
  • offices: banks, office blocks, real estate agencies;
  • shopping centres: hair salons, pet shops, health food shops, butchers, bakeries, department stores;
  • community: retirement villages, nursing homes, churches, places of worship, health centres
  • sport: clubs, gymnasiums, sports centres, swimming pools, playing fields, golf clubs, bowls clubs, indoor courts;
  • other: construction sites, education facilities

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